Saturday, September 5, 2009


One day, once upon a time...I saw a pattern for the curved pieced quilt above.  I like curved piecing, it's much easier than most people think.  Now, if there is one tool above all others that I depend on, it would be my rotary cutter and the acrylic templates I use.  However, for this wallhanging, I had to draw templates onto plastic and draw each piece individually and cut them by hand.  That is the reason why this is only 40" X 40" and is used to hide some of my fabric shelving. NOW FOR THE GOOD PART! I've been a fan of Wanda Hanson at for a while now and she has created some stunning quilts inspired by Louisa L. Smith at I have wanted to create another quilt using the similar curved design and noticed on Wanda's site that she had acrylic templates lying on her fabric ready to be cut.  OMG...I want those!! So, I sent off a message to Wanda and she was sweet enough to refer me to Quilt Escapes. Hence, the title of this blog "Follow Friendships".  Quilters are just the best. If you ever need help or advice they always come through for you.  My thanks to Wanda.

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sewmeow said...

I love it....great Fall colors, and with curved piecing it makes for interesting pattern for the eye to wander.

Jackie said...

Yes, you definitely must get those templates! I have them and used them for my Louisa Smith project. So much better than cutting the shapes by hand. I love you quilt, you did a fantastic job!

Kelly Jackson said...

Absolutely beautiful!! And I'm with you...they are easier than they look.


Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Hi Lynne, I came right on over for a visit and you have a GREAT blog! I saw the opening photo and thought...'that looks like a Wanda Hanson' and I was right. It's fabulous as all are the projects I've seen it so far. Great quilting and lovely blog. I'll read more later. I put in over 12 hrs of volunteering today for our guild so I'm a bit spacey ;) But how very nice to end my evening with the discovery of a fabulous quilter, very, very nice lady and a great blog...AND...I read the whole thing with one of my cats on my lap ;)

Quilt Rat said...

The quilt blogging community just the absolute best!!!!

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