Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I was inspired to start a yo-yo quilt after seeing the picture and article at Sew Whats New (Click on link in left column and page down to the Yo-Yo quilts post), a few weeks back. The top picture was my inspiration. I really liked the colors and opted for almost the same with a little yellow thrown in. Plus, I was pleased because I already had the Clover Yo-Yo Maker in my stash of notions to be tryed! I need to make 1,232 yo-yo's for a throw 42" X 66"...so far I have made 580. Now, the only problem I seem to be encountering at this moment is that I am running out of peach and pink fabric! It takes a 4 1/2" square for each yo-yo so I'm putting a big shout out for anyone who could possibly help me in my pursuit of peach and pink squares. If this is a possibility please email me at lynnedemeter@charter.net and big thanks to you all. Thanks to all, Lynne.

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Khris said...

holey smokes...just as bad as me making a hexagon quilt...lol..its a long project for me..hugs Khris

Quilt Online said...

o la la it `s wonderful. i love this quilt.

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