Friday, June 26, 2009

Cats and Quits

Whenever I go into the sewing room I'm always followed by an entourage of my cats. I love the company when they sit on the windowsills or in the ratan chair. However, we do run into a conflict when one is lying on the quilt that I'm trying to push through the machine. It's hard to quilt when there's a fifteen pound cat lying on your quilt. And then there's always the issue of being stretched out on the ironing board or the cutting mat! I even have one cat (Horatio) who likes to sit on top of the Bernina - makes the thread flow difficult! Thread everywhere is one thing but fur is quite another! This is a picture of Jelly Bean on the rocking chair patiently waiting for me to feed him!

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SewCalGal said...

Jelly Bean is so cute. What a great photo of this guy relaxing. I love this photo. I hope you'll post more photos of your cats and quilts.

Thanks for sharing.


Rose Marie said...

As I read this, I looked behind me to see how many of my girls were keeping me company and they were both in their spots snoozing away.

You are so right about them always being in a place or on a quilt when you don't want them there. I have learned to distract the girls by opening up a closet and taking out a few boxes .... they keep themselves amused for an hour or two thus allowing me to get on with my work.

Dorothy Vaughan... said...

I have three cats who love to be in my sewing room with me - on the cutting table, on the ironing board, on my sewing table when I at my machine. I solve the problem by moving whichever one is in my way to a comfy wicker chair in the corner. That works...sometimes.

Niki :-) said...

love the rocking chair. your cats act like my dogs. ;)
niki in hot hot hot az

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