Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What do YOU do with these...?

After so much trimming over the years, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what they would do, or have done with these snippetts?  I'm sure there's got to be a project for them somewhere out in blogland!  I have some from the same line of fabric in a Mason jar, looking quite lovely, but the rest just sit in a plastic bin for the time being.  So, to all of you talented quilters and crafters, WHAT CAN I DO WITH THESE?!!

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Stephanie in Michigan said...

I'm bad...I throw them in the trash. My sewing room gets too cluttered otherwise. So, although it sometimes kills me to do it, I toss them. Sorry, I'm of no help! ;-(

KevinB said...

Two words, Laura Wasilowski. She would slap some fusible on the back and go to town.

shannon said...

i save mine in a 'fabric scraps' only trash bucket and when the bucket gets full, i add it as/for stuffing to the dog's beds....they LOVE it!

i've also saved them, packed into a large wine bottle and made laps...very quilter chic! :)

then there's the wrapped-cotton-clothes-line- baskets....knit/crochet a rug....i read that they make perfect ties for tomato plants...

they way i see it, it's fabric that i paid for, so i'm not gonna just throw it away...i can find something to do with it

(i'm cheap)
happy stitches!

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

We'd dive into the pile and roll around!!

Cat Haven Crafts said...

I see some great ideas for kitty toys in that pile! Little mousies with colorful tails and goldfish with little fabric tassels on them.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I would use Mistyfuse to make another full piece of fabric and then decide what I wanted to do with the new fabric.

I know you can put them in a field for birds for their nests too.

You can leave them behind you where ever you go so you know where you've been.

You can make a fabric Quiche and feed it to all the Fabraholics in blogland.

Glue them to the top of a baseball cap and just wear it around town until someone asks what that is on your head.

Lastly, you could host a giveaway and send them off to someone else so they won't be your concern any longer.


patchouli moon studio said...

I have 2 things I do with scraps:
1. Scraps I don't want or like I use as stuffing for cat (or dog) beds. I make cat beds for a no-kill animal rescue shelter. I even have my quilt guild members saving their scraps for me. I've made just this last month about 14 cat beds to donate.
2. For those lovely colored small scraps like handyed and batiks I make clothesline bowls/baskets out of them. If they are about 3/8"-3/4" wide and at least 5" long, you can use them. See my fabric clothesline bowls/baskets on my blog:

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Here is a link of a fantastic fun blog that uses all their scraps and selveges.

Enjoy looking at all of these fun creative pieces.

Alicia said...

The only snippets I've saved were from batiks so they're pretty much the same on both sides. I intend to "someday" throw them atop a quilt and quilt over the top of them for embellishment.

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