Sunday, October 4, 2009


I recently came upon this website called COLOURlovers that I think everyone should check out. It's a tool designers and artists of all kinds use to work with colors in new ways and quickly find out what's hot and what's not. This site allows anyone to find their inspiration for color by searching, sorting and filtering through keywords to a color scheme that interests them... or create and share your own! On this site you can create your own color palette ideas or even scan in a piece of fabric and the PHOTOCOPA page will sort and create the color palette from the photo you upload. You can look at all the color palettes other folks have designed and even create a pattern with color of your own.  This is a great tool for all to see. The site is P.S. Make sure you allow yourself some time when you visit this site, it can be addicting!

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Jackie said...

Sounds interesting! I am going to have a look! Thanks.

kwiltmakr said...

I looked at the Hubble telescope section on there. Amazing. Thanks for sharing that. WOW!

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